Liberty’s Snow Filled Sabbatical

March 24, 2022

After being eligible for over a year, I decided to finally take advantage of the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s (ALDF) paid sabbatical program. Amidst the pandemic, I had been waiting for a time when international travel felt comfortable again before scheduling my sabbatical, but decided a rest was necessary sooner. I reconciled the rest vs. travel plans with the fact that I could always book a travel vacation later, given our generous Paid Time Off policy. I opted to take a five-week sabbatical, focused on decompressing, recharging, and creative pursuits. During my time away from work I spent time with friends and family, took a short road trip to visit my brother, cooked, hiked, skied, and relaxed. I was also able to focus time on my upcoming dance show, with extra time to rehearse and focus on finalizing my make-up and costume pieces. I returned from sabbatical feeling grounded, rested, and excited to jump back into projects in my role as Director of the Project Management Program. ALDF’s sabbatical program is such a wonderful opportunity which I will continue to wholeheartedly recommend to the rest of my team and colleagues.


Staff at the Animal Legal Defense Fund are eligible for sabbatical after 5 years of service.